Frequently Asked

Everything you need to know about file.video.
When you upload a video file to file.video, it first gets sent into the Livepeer network along with fees (settled in ETH) where the video gets transcoded. Transcoding is the process of taking a raw video file and reformatting it so that no matter what bandwidth you have - whether 2g or 5g - and no matter what device, you're ensured the most optimal viewing experience. Once the file is transcoded, the reformatted video gets sent into the Filecoin network along with fees (settled in Filecoin token) for storage and playback.
Transcoding and storage fees are subsidized by Livepeer, Inc. and Protocol Labs.
The Livepeer and Filecoin networks are made up of many different computers run by many different people and organizations. Different actors within these networks earn a portion of the transcoding and storage fees sent by file.video on your behalf.